About Me

Burning Man

I am the guy in the picture up there. Male, 30 years old. living in Austin, Texas. In February 2010 I exited the revolving doors of a 52-story New York City office building for the last time. I had quit my job and my wife Ayo and I were ready to travel.

We lived for free on a clothing optional resort in the Dominican Republic, led trips to Israel and Costa Rica, and spent two years fulltime RVing around the United States. Those adventures are chronicled at Our Take on Freedom, where Ayo occasionally blogs. Ayo and I are no longer a couple but she lives in Austin as well and we still occasionally hang out Jerusalem, is married to a cool guy, and we are on good terms.

I am not earning money and don’t plan on doing so any time soon. I spend my time learning, dancing, juggling, playing chess, exercising, cooking, doing the Times crossword puzzle, and hanging out with good friends around town. While my schedule is very flexible my days are surprisingly packed. I consistently feel happy, lucky, content, and grateful.

I will be writing here about things that I find interesting or want to chronicle. You will read about finances, early retirement, music, food, and the guy across the street from me who plays banjo on his front porch. Everything is fair game and I’d love for you to join in the conversation.

You can reach me by email at contactyair {at sign} gmail [dot] com.

Yair Horowitz
Austin, Texas
June 2013

*Partially updated November, 2016 in southern California